Fingerfoods / Canapes -

Our own creations based on our speciality sandwiches & some of the classics too:

Kati beef, carrot & mustard seed, spiced onions on chicory £2.00

Coconut dal & falafel, yoghurt & za’atar, carrot & mustard seed, spiced onions on chicory (V) £1.80

Prawn & crab claw , daikon slaw with ginger  lemongrass , pickled cucumber, chilli & carrot on baby gem £2.50

Chipotle & cayenne marinated chicken thigh, roast tomato salsa, sour cream on skewers £1.80

Italian spiced pork shoulder, minced, rolled & wrapped in puff pastry, topped with poppy seed & baked £1.50

Speciality Sliders

Freshly baked mini breads used to make outrageous wee versions of our speciality sandwiches:

Pulled pork & house slaw with hot sauce £2.50

Soy & shaoxing braised brisket, pickles, bacon & cheese £2.80

Apple & soy marinated chicken, house kimchi, cucumber & beansprout salad £2.50

Provencal roast veg, artichoke, house pesto, black olive & feta £2.30

Classic Sandwich Platters

We cater for all occasions and groups of all sizes. Sometimes you don’t need anything too fancy , sometimes a classic sandwich is all that is required:

- a choice of freshly baked breads filled with our classic combinations - £3.80 per sandwich

Seasonal Salads

Our salads are made from the best of ingredients sourced directly from Glasgow’s fruit and veg market in Blochairn

- a choice of vegetable, grain, leaf, slaw, pulse. We source the best of the season’s produce and use our chefs expertise to create beautifully fresh, healthy salads - £1.80 per serving

Dips & Crudites

Made to order, made from scratch, healthy & delicious!

- classic humus, roast tomato salsa, yoghurt with cucumber & garam masala . Served with iced baby gem/ chicory, carrots or celery. Alternatively served with genuine recipe tortilla chips from Lupe Pintos - £1.80 per person

Set Prices

1/  Classics (£7 per person)

- Sandwich platter
- Dips & crudites
- Salads

2/ No Bread (£9 per person)

- 2 Canapes
- 2 Salad portions
- Dips & Crudites

3/ Full Spread (£12)

- Sliders
- 2 canapes
- 2 salad portions
- Dips & cruidtes
- Cake

Home baked cakes from Aunt Jenny’s Bakery available at £2.50 per piece, £1.50 per half

Water (£1.20) and pressed juices (£2.20)

We are always happy to make a package bespoke to you. Be it budget or for the occasion itself we can be flexible to your needs. Just give us a call or an email to discuss further